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Coal Wagon Veneering 

Coal wagon veneering instalation


Dust from trains and trucks carrying coal is a issue affecting many communities along transportation corridors. The Shadforths coal veneering system is a simple, cost effective solution to this dust problem.


Veneering is a process whereby the coal surface in rail wagons is treated with a chemical that effectively forms an ultra thin layer or crust over the coal surface, minimising the amount of coal dust emanated from the train during transportation.


Shadforths have been at the forefront of pioneering the coal veneering process for mining companies and boast significant experience in dust suppression, hydromulch, road stabilisation and dust suppression systems.


The Shadforths innovative coal wagon veneering system is safe and reliable with a built-in system redundancy which provides real-time reporting and monitoring.   It is also flexible, scalable and can be customised to suit individual load-out facility requirements. It is suitable for all loadout facility types and is the preferred solution for high-volume loadout facilities. 


Shadforths independence from a chemical supplier has also allowed us to undergo a rigorous selection process to select the most suitable, leading edge chemical for our veneering system without the influence of chemical companies.


Shadforths’ presence throughout rural and remote Queensland ensures that their system can be installed and maintained by local specialists who know and understand mine site veneering installations and have the local infrastructure and capabilities to perform rapid maintenance.


By combining specially developed technology with the company's existing local infrastructure, Shadforths' solution offers clients the best of both worlds: an independently selected veneering chemical, an advanced and elegant spraying system provided by a local, reliable and reputable maintenance team.


To arrange a system demonstration, or for more information on the coal wagon veneering system, please contact us by email or download our veneering brochure here.

Shadforths Coal Wagon Veneering
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